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Baby Sleeping

When you’re a first time parent, no amount of research or practice can prepare you for what is to come.  You don’t want sleep, you NEED sleep. She talked to us about it and set our minds at ease giving us a brief rundown of the process and how it worked. She gave us some changes to make on the feeding schedule and how to structure a better evening routine. Once that was done, the “Baby Whisperer” spent a weekend with us, she took care of everything during nighttime and advised us to work on getting our sleep routine back as well. Just like that our little one was sleeping through the night.  Fast forward to today and our little guy is a year old and still sleeps through the night with no trouble, even his nap times are a breeze. We highly recommend Paula, she is an expert, was beyond helpful, and she followed up with us regularly to ensure our family was still happily rested.

Rick & Zandra Gauthier - Austin, Texas

Baby Boy After Bath.jpg

“Paula’s knowledge of sleep training and setting a schedule was irreplaceable and priceless. Our baby was happier because of his structure and slept 6-8 hours a night by 6 weeks old and 10-12 by 12 weeks. She was supportive and knowledgeable throughout the process and helped my husband and I be successful.”

Kim & Marco Pena - Buda, Texas


Sandra Wilson - Austin, Texas
"We've had two nights of eleven hours with our 13 week old son!  He's woken up both nights around 3 & 5:30AM but soothes himself back to sleep in minutes.  We haven't had to go in until the morning!  You're my hero!"

Sandra Wilson - Austin, Texas

Newborn Baby Sleeping

"Paula worked wonders with our 9 week old who was waking every 2-3 hours! She had her sleeping a 10 hour stretch by the time she was 12 weeks!"

Chris & Katy Steiner - Austin, Texas

Child Little Girl Sleeps In The Bed With Teddy Bear.jpg

“Paula started our daughter on a sleep schedule at 3 months old. She adapted so quickly and it was so natural. Fortunately she worked into sleeping 12hrs a night and two naps a day. She is two years old now and still sleeps 12 hrs and takes a significant nap. We are beyond grateful to Paula for the training, easy to follow strategies and I think our daughter is a happy healthy child because of her consistent sleep schedule.”

Celeste & Ray Hernandez - Austin, Texas

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